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In Classifying the following cures, we take as illustrations a few of those cases which seem to be of most frequent occurrence, and the explanation of which will relate them to some law of Nature already accepted as a fact by religion, philosophy or science, or by all of them.

Polarity seems to occupy a place of vital importance in healing, and naturally must do so, since it enters into all conditions in Nature. Whether it be a human physical form, or a bridge built of wood and iron, each physical body, each physical form, has its own normal polarity peculiar to itself, differing from all other bodies. Disaster usually results from any prolonged disturbance of this.

Much more serious is the effect when the matter of the etheric and astral bodies is the subject of polar disturbance. The breathing exercise so popular in some so-called occult classes have in many cases resulted in insanity, for the reason that the normal breathing of the person, the so to say pre-natal rhythmic adjustment to breathing of the person, has been superseded by a false or unadaptable method, thus disturbing the normal polarity of the ethers of the brain.

True polarization of the three bodies is one phase of Health; disarrangement tends to disease and death. A strong basic emotion such as fear, will thus disarrange; note the case of a lodge initiation where a well known man was blindfolded and made to believe that a radical artery had been opened and that he was slowly bleeding to death. He did die because fear so disturbed the positive polarization of the controlling atoms of the finer centers, that under the action of fear the control passed from normal positive centering health action to a scattering of the forces, and a disintegrating of the etheric centers.

But where disarrangement has already obtained, a change of polarity will restore health. A well known simple instance is that of a man suffering under a severe attack of lumbago. A great and pleasant surprise came to him, and the pain was instantly gone and did not return.

Another case: One day as I sat at work I became conscious that I was very tired and I thought "as soon as I finish this, I will take a rest." The next thought was, "Dear Master, this also is Your work." I forgot my body entirely and kept on working for some hours. The thought of fatigue did not recur, and when that duty was finished I was quite ready for the next. I asked myself what had occurred, and my explanation is, that my consciousness, or as the late Professor James would say, my attention was centered on the physical body. When I thought of the Master Jesus, my center of consciousness was changed.

How might this psychological process be physiologically explained? It is an axiom in Physics that to alter the axes of an element is to effect a transmutation. It is reasonable to apply this law of Physics to the working of the law of polarity in human bodies. The axes of the three bodies, etheric, astral and mental, which in Health would be perfectly harmonious and unified in their workings, had become disarranged, out of focus, and the energies were negatively polarized and were wasting away along negative, chaotic lines. The introduction of joyful thought in the second case, and of devotion to an ideal of perfect peace and love in the last case, had the same effect upon the astral, or feeling centers that a strong physical exhaustion, and further, the effect produced in the finer matter of subtle bodies would be more relatively permanent. The axes of the three bodies, under the stimulus of emotion-thought, were restored from negative to positive polarization and so the transmutation of energies from chaos to positive steadfastness was secured.

The various methods now being experimentally tried, such as cures by suggestion, by rhythm, by substitution, by will power, by psycho-analysis in some of its present phases, seem to have Polarization as their base. The relation of this law of Nature to human bodies is important in the study of health and the people will benefit when it is added to Health studies.

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