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Two Principal Types of Cures

In order to bring the facts of healing with and without drugs out of the undifferentiated and therefore unscientific state, so that they may be accorded a rightful place in the larger and more progressive Therapeutics, we will classify a few of them and endeavor to apply some of the known laws of Nature to their explanation. We recognize that each school, each class of healers, is endeavoring to express a valuable fact in Nature. Some are bringing out a thought that has been overlooked by others, and some are taking up some important phase, as yet almost unrecognized, of a natural law.

No hard and fast lines should restrict and limit investigation; nor should groove-bound and therefore inexpansive ideas be given unnecessary weight. For just as it is known in Physics that vibration of sound and color and touch exist both infinitely higher and infinitely lower than can be sensed by the physical ear or eye or skin, though the possibility of sensing them exists in man, so it is a fact in Therapeutics that the finer matter in man's bodies exists, as has been fully proven by the work of Charcot and the School of Nancy in France, and in many independent hypnotic experiments, and that this finer matter responds only to more specialized vibrations than those which can be contacted through drugs. Numberless are the recorded authenticated cases of cures through mesmerism, music, mantrams, prayer, colors, suggestion, relics, thought forms, angels or invisible helpers, willpower, sacred waters, planetary forces, polarization; cures which carry unshakable conviction of truth with them to the patient and to the observer.

Instead, then, of wasting energy and time in trying to compel all healers to come to a common level of thought and action - wasting time, because the law of evolution will not permit such an error to become permanent - let us admit for the sake of the argument that the health Life can be conveyed through drugs to a limit degree in certain classes of cases, and also that the Health Intelligence is free to use and does use other instrumentalities than drugs. Let us recognize the fact, also, that types of bodies differ in their needs; that the advancing stages of evolution are carrying rapidly on many individual member of humanity, and that their bodies, physical, astral and mental are becoming more refined and sensitive and respond more readily to the as yet hidden occult vibrations in the health law.

Taking this as a common ground of unity upon which to stand, let us together seek for the truth of the Healing Power.

Presently we will find that in the midst of that clamor for profit, for rights, for dominance, which now so frequently presents to the public the sectarian foundation of the treatment of the sick, there still stands out a clear and unmistakable underlying unity of purpose as the basis of all schools, of all classes, namely, the desire to help suffering humanity. Names of sects only emphasize differences. But there is a common point around which all center, upon which all are based; all have one aim - to cure. All justly base their claim for recognition on fully substantiated records of cures.

If, then, we accept the facts of cures as a common, a unifying basis from which to deal with all cures of all schools and all classes, we may, while fully admitting the incompleteness of the arrangement and the insufficiency of the words chosen, deal with cures, not as accomplished on a purely physical sectarian basis, but from the standpoint of two methods by which is carried on the work of the Occult Healing Intelligences, those supreme administrators of Health, who know no limit of power to heal or to maintain health except the limitation in the drug remedy or other means used.

Broadly speaking, all cures may be included under two heads:

  • 1. The Progressive, or those which have taken an appreciable amount of time in days, weeks, or years for their accomplishment, and

  • 2. The Instantaneous, in which the cure is immediate, complete and fully apparent.

    Among the progressive cures will be found those made through the graduates of the many medical schools, who depend largely for the relief of patients upon drugs of mineral, vegetable and animal material. These drugs, used either in crude, compounded or attenuated form, and properly adapted to the case, supplemented usually by the magnetism of the doctor, meet the needs of certain types of people, especially those whose nervous systems are not yet very impressible. Enough of the health life can flow through the remedies used, if properly selected, to meet, in this younger humanity, the disorder of disease in their physical bodies and within a period of time equalize or "cure" them. Scientific surgery is to be ranked with the progressive, for so far as we know it presents no case of instantaneous cure. The cures made by the large bodies of healers who use no drugs are also in the main progressive. Occasional exceptions to this general statement are found, but even when a cure has been instantaneous, no reasonable analytical theory as to the cause has been brought forward.

    Nor should we too hastily conclude that the Instantaneous cure is in its essence separated from the progressive by an unbridgeable gulf, it being set apart as a miracle, impossible in its happening as well as in explanation, while the progressive is considered as a perfectly natural scientific occurrence. The difference is that in the instantaneous there is an exhibition of the still higher powers of the great Health Law of Nature than is as yet definitely recognized by many. These cases should, with open mind, be earnestly studied. Each healing phase of the Law must now or in the near future find expression as cures, and logically the Healing Intelligences have acted in all.

    On a preceding page we referred to the class of patients with as yet little nerve sensitiveness. But there are some, and this is especially true of some of American parentage of two or three generations, who have under the mixture of races, the evolution of nerve sensitiveness, the increasing power of mind and the stage of advancement under the law of evolution, begun to bring into activity the so far unused forces and unmanifested powers of the Self, the higher discriminating reason, the strong desire to unselfishly serve humanity, the instantaneous action of intuition, and the the spiritual perception of the right. With these cases there is frequently a marked acceleration of nervous tension, affecting especially the evolving etheric and astral bodies which, if not treated temperamentally, taking into account the needs of all these bodies, will reach injuriously, and in time shatter the physical body. Not infrequently cases of this class, highly sensitized, with an intensified sub-conscious perception of the irregularities of action existing in the disordered sympathetic nervous system, will be under the care of several doctors, each having charge of a special organ, as lungs, heart, kidneys, and even then the patient dies. Drugs have failed because the disorder is in the etheric or the astral body. In such cases no ordinary medical knowledge avails, for there has come to the patient a slight extension of consciousness of the activities in the finer matter of his bodies without the necessary accompanying knowledge of how to use it, and if the healer cannot see or sense this disturbance himself, he cannot help. The patient needs to be examined by a trained occult student and the disease definitely located, whether in the etheric, the astral or the mental body, or as having been caused by the bodies being, so to say, out of plumb with each other. Then the drugless remedy must be applied which will most quickly harmonize the three bodies.

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