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"There is no miracle." Everything that occurs is the result of eternal, immutable, ever-acting law. This is one the principles of Occultism, and it has an especial bearing on our study of Health and Healing. There is no case of healing which is outside of the law. The true explanation of every case is to be found under Nature's laws, if we will look for it in the right way.

Health may be imperfectly described as one aspect of spirit, of all-pervading Life itself; it is normal, inherent power and possibility of all Life in Nature. It may be said to be a law of the great Creator for all things in manifestation, for every "I am" consciousness, for every energy, for all matter whether individualized or collective, and in itself seems to be the perfection of blissful equilibrium and oneness. Health is, therefore, spiritual in its source, and cannot separate from its own nature, nor identify itself with that which is not of the same rate of vibration as itself. (The Psychology of the Life side of Nature has not, in the Western world, been made objective in terms of language, and therefore words fail to express the fullness of this Reality.)

Now, we assume that Health manifests as a law of Nature; that it expresses itself as a law, not of command to act in a particular way, but of conditions under which actions of any kind can be done. Laws of Nature state the conditions under which certain results invariably follows. Water boils at 100° C. under normal atmospheric pressure. If boiling water is desired at a higher altitude, the conditions connected with pressure must be accurately followed. Health, like the other laws of Nature of which we know, seems to abide or remain as an eternal verity, unchanging, inviolable. From our limited viewpoint, it seems to contain within itself many potential powers; one of these is the power of abiding, so to say, at every closed point in matter until a channel is made; another is the power of extending or being extended into and through any channel open for its outflowing. Health expresses itself by means of the Life side of everything; in this it differs from disease, which expresses itself through or in matter. Eternally present as its polar opposites and thus making it possible for Health to manifest, is disease; for Nature manifests by means of pair of opposites such as health-Disease; positive-negative; light-darkness; life-form. Neither can manifest without its polar opposite.

Disease in general terms may be defined as a condition of discord in the matter of the bodies which Life uses. It is disharmony in matter; it is disintegrating in its action, preventing the free flow of Life through the parts, and is full of pain or non-bliss. It is a condition of disturbance of equilibrium of the energies in matter, is unstable, impermanent, liable always to rearrange and readjustment, either by death of the body or by the restoration of the energies to harmonious action. Disease has no place in Health harmonies and cannot attach itself to Health. With no connection link, these extremes cannot approach each towards the other.

How then, in view of this permanent oppositeness, can one take the place of, or supplant the other? Only by means of a third factor, which we will find in the study of Occultism. Health, by right of its own divine Life nature, abides potentially - latent as possibility only - in every atom of matter, in all bodies; but it comes out into manifestation through a mediator, which is formed of mighty Intelligence, living, active entities administering the great Law of Health.

If Health remains potential in the atoms of the form, if it is inactive, or having become active is, by conditions, forced back into potentiality again, then disease - disharmony, unequilibrium - may become dominant, positive, and establish itself as ruler. But if the healing Intelligence can dominate for a time and a channel can be opened through the etheric (atomic) matter of a diseased body which will make an inlet for the abiding, waiting Health Life, in sufficient quantity to overcome and drive out the unstable vibrations and establish its own blissful equilibrium, then disease is no longer active there. Health becomes the positive factor, and Disease the negative or potential.

This Healing Intelligence, this distributing agency in substituting health for disease, is an occult, a hidden, a polarized living Force, composed of intelligent entities or classes of angels, who, according to Iamblichus, the great occultist of the Fourth century A.D., are the intermediaries, the conveyers of all good from God to mankind. It is they who prepare the soul to receive truth, health and all good.
(Iamblichus on the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans and Asyrians. Thomas Taylor's translation.)
They can do this because they are consciously united with their source. As the Western Scriptures phrase it: "Their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven."
(St. Matt., XVIII, 10.)

We differentiate, then, between Health and the Healing Intelligence, assuming that it is reasonable that Health is an Eternal Spiritual Law with its source in the great Architect of Nature; while its outer expression in this world and these bodies of ours, is made possible by the Healing Intelligence, which is to some degree analyzable and understandable. This Intelligence should be studied by all healers, for according to all the ancient Scriptures, it is the true channel for the health-Life.

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