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It is well to get a clear intellectual conception of these invisible agencies in healing. We can then realize that there is no miracle in any case. Whether the healing is ascribed to Christ, to God, to Nature, to drugs, to prayer, or to other sources, this healing Intelligence becomes a basis for every assumption.

The World-Scriptures confirm the existence of this Healing Intelligence and describe, with more or less detail an occult Hierarchy of invisible workers, known in the East as Devas, or Shining Ones, and in the West as Angels and Ministering Spirits.

They have many names and powers and functions, and are of many degrees. Some of the lower classes answer men's prayers for material things. It is said in the Hindu Scriptures: "They who long after success in action on earth, worship the Shining Ones."
(Bhavagad Gita, IV, 12.)
"But the spiritual man does not worship them, for they aid but in worldly success."
(Universal Text Book of Religious and Morals, Annie Besant, p. 66.)
By recognition of, and gratitude to these invisible workers is fulfilled the scriptural injunction: "With this nourish ye the Shining Ones, and may the Shining Ones nourish you; thus nourishing one another, ye shall reap the supremest good."
(Bhagavad Gita, III, 11.)
Many classes of these shining Ones are spoken of in sacred Hindu literature.

In the Christian Church three great classes of angels are recognized, and these are subdivided into nine groups: I, Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones; II, Dominions, Virtues, Powers; III, Principalities, Archangels, Angels. The Principalities are the Angel guardians of Nations and States, while the Angels are specially concerned with man. In the Christian Bible one method of healing by them is thus described: "For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool (Bethseda) and troubled the water; whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatever disease he had."
(St. John, V, 4.)

The Zoroastrian recognizes seven Ruling Archangels, "who further the world at will, so that it does not grow old and die, does not become corrupt and stinking but ever-living."
(Zamyad Yasht, Frag. III, 15.)
Under each of these seven are vast hosts of angels, including the sub-human Farohars or nature-spirits, whom so many people now feel and see sporting in woods and streams and air.

Islam speaks of the four great Archangels, and of the two recording angels attached to every human being. These angels are described as having pure and subtle bodies created of a subtle, finery substance (corresponding to what is known in the West as radio-active, etheric, or halo-matter). It also describes the inferior intelligence (our sub-human class of nature-spirits), who are related to the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, ether; they are created by fire, some good, some bad. "There are dome of us (genii) who are upright, and there are some of us who are otherwise; we are of different ways."
(Al Quran, lxxii, 6-14.)

Buddhism teaches that "the Disciples will overcome the earth and the world of Death, and the world of the Shining Ones."
(Udanavarga, 43, 224; Dharmapada, II, 30.)
"Speak the truth; do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little; by these three steps thou wilt go near to the Shining Ones."

In ancient days these angels walked with and were seen continued they have largely withdrawn from physical knowledge. They constitute a line of evolution quite distinct from the human line, and yet very closely associated with it, for to it belong the Rulers of planetary systems, with their myriads of ministering hosts; architects of the kingdoms of Nature; Recorders in the Book of human lives; the Lords of the Elements, each with his vast hosts, respectively, of Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines, Gnomes.

In these inner worlds reside the Builders, fashioning according to the patterns given them all the kingdoms of nature. Every form in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms is carefully built up in etheric matter by Nature's invisible artists, before it is given its outer physical form.

Here, also, in their own inner realms, are the Divine Christs of past and present religions, the great Manus or Rulers who, having a plan laid out before them, bring out a vast Root Race and remain with it until its ending. These are they whom we, from out standpoint in human evolution, call perfected beings, the Masters, who by self-sacrifice guide the destinies of nations, and aid mankind in reaching higher stages of evolution.

In every specialized field of these Shining Ones there are great Rulers; even the control of the storage houses of diseases may be traced to them. There is Karkati, who holds within herself the cholera microbe, and sends these living needles of consuming fire forth into the bodies of those who by insanitary or vicious lives have a lesson to learn by this manner of death.
(Yoga Vasishta (Laghu), p. 62.)
And again, Duhsaha-Yakshmi, who through her hosts of helpers deals out to countless thousands the consumption-bacillus; their work made possible and necessary by the corruption of the emotional and mental atmosphere of the uncontrolled masses through over-indulgence of their lower natures.
(The Science of Social Organization, Bhagavan Das p. 77.)
Looked at from the standpoint of the Shining Ones, how utterly futile must seem the efforts of today permanently to eradicate these diseases by introducing more germs into the bodies. The causes are in the immoral and unmoral conditions of humanity now, and these must be remedied before disease can be fully overcome.

Of quite individual interest is the class of Shining Ones known as guardian angels. There is scarcely a man or a woman of intelligence who has not at some time sensed an unseen power for the moment saving from danger, or leading to some place or person vitally necessary, or guiding into some line of action where unexpected results have occurred, and who has not definitely recognized the aid as from a super- or sub-human agency. In many minds there is a dawning recognition of the watchful care of each individual by intelligences, seldom seen but often felt, and but for whose intervention the danger or difficulty could not have been averted.

In all quiet country places, among the woods and flowers, upon the mountain and out at sea, there are constantly at work what are termed nature-spirits, nature-builders. It is the same Divine Life, the Life of God Himself, but differentiating in manifestation. Their line of evolution also runs parallel to the human and does not merge. These entities throng the earth, populate the enormous planes of the sea, the fields of the air and ethers. Their bodies are made of the physical ethers. "This etheric matter is not under ordinary conditions visible to physical eyes, so that when are seen one of two things must take place; either they must materialize themselves by drawing round them a veil of physical matter, or else the spectator must experience an increase of sensitiveness which enables him to respond to the wave-lengths of the higher ethers, and to see what is not normally perceptible to him."
(The Hidden Side of Things, by C. W. Leadbeater, Vol. I, p. 119)

These nature-spirits are a class of invisible workers most active in the service of nature and of man. Their bodies, being etheric, are not diseased, and cannot be torn or injured; they have no pain, no fear; they are the cosmic agents of nature, being the life side of the five elements, ether, air, fire, water, earth, and each class uses its own special element doing its work.

If the observer has a responsive sympathy, and a real love for nature, he will see these little builders buzzing around or looking quietly from within the heart of the unfolding flower. The higher types withdraw themselves from the people whose radiation are full of anger, greed, cruelty, or lust, but to clean sensitive natures they are very responsive. They minister occasionally to humanity, and Madame Blawatsky has said that they officiate as intermediate agents between the devas and men. We are told that if we render them gratitude for what they do for us, their evolution is advanced, as by this gratitude they are nourished, and can carry help to others.

More and more as humanity progresses in the developing, training and control of the powers of the desire and thought bodies do its more advanced members become in more or less degree helpers on the invisible planes. Consciousness, the "I am that Self," never sleeps, so when it withdraws from the physical body during sleep, it carries on the work of evolution in its more or less developed finer bodies. And to the degree that physical consciousness can be reached by cry of pain, by sight of suffering, by call for help, to the same degree will the consciousness working in the finer bodies while the physical sleeps be aware of the opportunities of service. Many a remarkable cure has thus been accomplished. Such helpers can we all be, to both the living and the so-called dead. In fact, many a mother, who has laid off her physical body either temporary in sleep or in death, remains near her children, guiding and helping them.

The practice of the healing art has in the history of all ages and races been accompanied by religious ceremonies. Until comparatively recent times the priest has been the physician for both soul and body, but since the offices have been separated, Therapeutics has failed more and more to fulfil its highest possibilities, has been unable to meet the needs of large number of sufferers. The place of ceremonial in healing has been lost sight of. These religious ceremonies are in reality a call, or a request, or a demand upon some special class of the deva kingdom, to aid in the cure.

These unseen helpers are not to be worshipped, but gratitude from us is a necessity; and the value of their services must be recognized. For, as shown in the beginning of this chapter, the work is on a reciprocity basis: "Thus nourishing one another, ye shall reap the supremest good."

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