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"Each definite thought produced a double effect - a radiating vibration, and a floating form."
(Thought-Forms, Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, p. 21.)

Those who desire to help to restore health to the world will have already learned something of the power of definite thought as a factor; will have learned that each definite vibration of thought draws round it the elemental essence appropriate for its expression, and then swiftly makes its way to its destination. This is equally true of evil as of good thoughts. Therefore, the would-be healer must first purify his own life and his own thought. Otherwise he transfers his own ordinary weaknesses and frailties to his patients in the thoughts he sends them, for the thoughts we think are things.

In "The Hidden Side of Things," Vol. II, Mr. Leadbeater speaks of the three classes of thought-forms.

  • 1. Those which shoot straight out away from the person, aiming at a definite objective person or place.

  • 2. Those which hover round him and follow him wherever he goes.

  • 3. Those which he leaves behind him as a sort of trail which marks his route.

    Even thought the student may not be able to see or feel or otherwise sense these three classes, the difference can be intellectually grasped with certainty. The first class, definite, strongly energized, cannot be defected from their course. They go straight to their destination. If the intended recipient is preoccupied, absorbed with other matters, the thought-form waits at the surface of his aura until it can fulfill its mission.

    The second class is not contacted by people unless they are closely connected with the man. It is in this respect that children are especially subject to contamination. Their associates should be most carefully chosen.

    The third class is usually of a vague, indeterminate character, though endowed with sufficient energy to attach themselves to any drifting mind. Psychologically, drifting means that the Self is not at the moment active in its physical body; that the cerebro-spinal super- or etheric-centers are temporarily quiescent, and that the sympathetic or subconscious etheric centers are temporarily dominant. If our minds are not definitely occupied by our own thought as we walk through streets and stores, and other places frequented by people, these thoughts from other people sweep through our mental bodies as if they were out own, and their general trend is for us evil rather than good. Many a thought-form of sickness is thus gathered up, when we allow our minds to drift and our bodies to become negative. When in a general gathering of people, one should hold the mind positive by actively sending out some helpful uplifting thought for their good.

    Positive purity of thought is then the first consideration in healing by thought-forms. The second is physiological knowledge. The question may be asked why, if the processes of cure are invisible, should a study of anatomy and physiology be necessary? For this reason: The physical body and sense organs are built in physical matter on the exact pattern of a model first built by invisible builders in etheric matter. Those who have suffered loss of teeth or limb, have had the consciousness that the missing part was still in proper place; and this because the astral etheric counterpart was still in its own place in the etheric model, although the physical substance was gone. If, then, you know the anatomy and the physiology of the physical part you want to affect, you produce by the thought, in etheric thought matter, a picture of that injured part, in a perfectly healthy condition. "By your thought you make a picture, a form, of what that part ought to be. Having thus created the picture, you proceed to imagine it into the place where the injury is, and by that means, bringing the thought to bear on the exact spot, you stimulate the recuperative powers of the body to perform swiftly, what otherwise they would perform slowly; to build up quickly in the injured tissue what otherwise they would only build very gradually."
    (Australian Lectures, by Annie Besant, p. 99.)
    And in all these cases, you must do it day after day, just because you cannot yet perform instantaneous cures, but can only hasten the normal workings of nature.

    It does not need a very high power of clairvoyance to see one's thoughts. Each thought sent out can be seen by the sender as a temporary cloud of color, with or without a special form according to the definiteness of the thought, focused at a point about twelve inches in front of and level with the face. If it is simply a passing thought, one which has not yet established a habit of recurrence, there will be but a mere fitting cloud of color of the shade corresponding to the nature of the thought. If it be a thought that has been pondered over long and often, it will take at once a very definite form, and the color of the clothing essence will be more brilliant.

    Those who can thus see, have one means of great help toward accomplishing the purification of their own mental bodies.

    Seeing a muddy, sickly color standing out in the aura, they know that it is there because of some thought passing, or but just passed, through the mind. Tracking back, the thought is found, and shaken out, by the substitution of a pure and lofty thought in its place. After a more or less lengthy series of repetitions of this, that form of thought is overcome.

    Healing with thought-forms of color is being used in a certain class of cases. Knowing the temperament of the patient, and noting the excess or lack of elemental essence, and what type is needed to restore harmony, the healer can relive by means of the appropriate thought-form of color. In this also, the clean and calm mind that the vibrations reaching the patient may be rhythmic, and a clean mind to attract a highly evolved class of elemental essence.

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